Monday, 8 August 2011

The Power of Language

I titled this blog "Nuclear English" because I used to teach at the Nuclear Safety Centre in Prague. There, I gained experience teaching nuclear physicists, toxicology experts, lawyers, mathematicians, and nuclear safety inspectors. I figure if I can teach these people, who are not only experts in Europe but experts in the entire world, then I can teach English to anyone. For every lesson that I taught at the Nuclear Safety Centre I created a "nuclear lesson plan". My idea was to make every lesson so enjoyable and interesting, that the potential to learn would be just as powerful as nuclear energy.

By creating this blog, I hope to help students and teachers of English. I will write about tools to assist students in learning English, and resources to assist the teaching of English also. I will provide ideas for lessons as well as basic lesson plans and conversation starters. I don't claim to be an English language expert. I completed my TEFL certificate in 2009 here in Prague, and since then I have gained experience teaching in many different companies and individuals. I also studied creative writing at university, I am currently studying acting in Prague, and I have experience in proofreading and editing. Yet, I am still learning and always will be. Sometimes I get things right, and sometimes I get things wrong. Learning any language is a process. Even though I am a native English speaker I am learning more and more about my own language every day.

I believe that learning English should be an enjoyable process shared by the student and teacher. Therefore, I invite you to follow my blog and walk this path with me.

A bit about me:

My name is Stuart Mentha, and I am a private English teacher from Melbourne, Australia. I am 25 years old, TEFL certified. So far, I have been living in Prague for a year and a half, and I studied in Turin, Italy for 6 months prior to that. I teach students of all levels, from absolute beginners to highly advanced. In Australia I completed my degree in Creative Writing, and I now study acting at the Prague Playhouse. My lessons are therefore always unique, as I involve the use of games, and I can act out words and phrases instead of just explaining things. Sometimes I make a fool of myself in the process, but that’s great, because then my students are sure to remember what I am teaching! I also like to involve Australian topics such as: native animals, the beach, and the Australian outback.


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